Axtell Strings

axtellStringsAxtell Strings play acoustic instruments crafted by great Italian and French masters but can also perform as an electric string ensemble using the latest hi-tech Yamaha instruments. The group blends the talents of top notch musicians some of whom you might have seen with ASO, Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta Opera, and other professional groups in the Southeast. It is your choice group for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies and receptions, special events, conventions, corporate dinner parties, etc. The group perform classical music on excellent acoustic instruments crafted by great Italian and French masters.

The group performs music of different styles, ranging from classical to jazz to contemporary and pop; the extensive repertoire includes traditional classical pieces such as Mozart and Beethoven quartets as well as smaller ditties like Pachebel’s Cannon and Bach’s Aire on G.

For jazz, folk and pop music, they delight audiences with their electric string performances. Electric strings are available as a string quartet or quintet. Not only do these instruments offer the sound and performance of their best acoustic siblings, they also give the musicians a choice of desired tone, sonority and timbre. This also allows for the sounds of different musical voices: from a string instrument to flute to brass to choir and everything in between. These electric hybrid instruments provide sound ranging from a whisper to a strong rich tone as powerful as a Boeing 747 warming up for takeoff, but infinitely more pleasing to the ear.

With this string ensemble you will have not only a choice of music but also your preference of a distinct sound. The superb blend of traditional and futuristic design of these instruments will bring a unique visual touch to your occasion.




“The Axtell String Quartet was awesome! When Plan B had to be taken because of inclement weather, the quartet began and no one even knew there was a plan A! Thank you for being adaptable with the unknown!

Tami Ball, Mother of the Bride, May 20, 2017 Sandy Creek barn, Greensboro GA


Everyone was very friendly. Our guests commented on how great the musicians were and how fun the music was. We hope all the musicians were truly having as much fun playing as they appeared to be having. Thank you also to the musicians for changing performance locations (ceremony area 1, cocktail hour area 2) halfway through. They did so without missing a beat.”

Eddie Hill, Groom, Georgia Aquarium, April 30, 2016


Wedding Reception-The Peachtree Club:  “I was very pleased with the quartet.  The music was beautiful.  I hated for it to stop.”  -Dianne